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    You may choose to increase your pension provision, particularly if you are unable to build up 35 years’ pensionable service before either age 55 or 60. You have the option to purchase increased benefits in PPS 2006 through ‘added years’.

    The PPS 2006 currently operates on a final salary basis which means that your pension benefits are based on your pay at the time you leave the force and your length of service.

    You are strongly recommended to seek independent financial advice before taking any action. Your police authority is not empowered to give financial advice to you.

    HM Revenue and Customs place overall limits on pension contributions which are tax-deductible, but these are very generous. The current position is that, unless you are a very high earner you are normally able to pay up to the whole of your taxable earnings in a tax year in pension contributions and have the whole amount allowable against tax – although there may be limitations in any year in which your PPS benefit entitlement has increased substantially (for example, if you have been promoted or have taken up a more senior appointment).

    Added Years contracts will begin from your next birthday and will cease at either your 55th or 60th birthday depending on your contract.

    You will continue to pay your additional contributions even if you transition to PPS 2015.

    Please Note
    You will NOT be eligible to buy added years if:

    • You have left the scheme (opted out)
    • You are on a career break
    • You are within 12 months of your compulsory retirement age

    Before You Apply:
    You may be eligible to purchase Added Years if:

    • You are a member of the Police Pension Scheme 2006 (PPS 2006) and CANNOT accrue 35 years’ service by the age of 55 or 60.

    If you do not meet the criteria above you will NOT be eligible to purchase Added Years

    Added Years contracts are a long term commitment. If you do take out a contract it CANNOT be cancelled and will continue until your Normal Retirement Date.