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    The purpose of the Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) is to be both reactive and proactive. It will seek to encourage best practice, increase transparency and coordinate technical and standards issues.

    It will consider items passed to it from the Home Office, the SAB's sub-committees and other stakeholders as well as items formulated within the SAB. Recommendations may be passed to the Home Office or other bodies. It will have a liaison role with the Pensions Regulator. Guidance and standards may be formulated for local scheme managers and pension boards.

    The remit of the SAB is:

    • To provide advice, on request, to the Secretary of State for the Home Department on the desirability of changes to the police pension schemes.
    • To provide advice, on request or otherwise, to police pension scheme managers and pension boards in relation to the effective and efficient administration and management of the police pension scheme 2015 and any statutory pension scheme that is connected with it.

    Further information, along with minutes of meetings, can be found at: