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    Adult Survivor Entitlement

    If a Police Pension Scheme Member passes away, there will be an automatic pension payable to Adult Survivors according to the criteria set out in the following pages:

    1987 Scheme Member

    2006 Scheme Member

    2015 Scheme Member

    XPS can assure you that full due diligence will be carried out in the event of your death, to establish the entitlements due to your surviving Spouse, Civil Partner or Cohabiting Partner * (where appropriate).

    * Please be aware that the 1987 Scheme does not provide for Cohabiting Partner benefits to be paid.

    Whilst we will always try to ensure that the pensions administration system is as up to date as possible, we are aware there are a small number of instances where we do not hold the details of your Spouse, Civil Partner or Cohabiting Partner, this is particularly true where your previous administrators did not keep digital records of your circumstances.

    We are aware of a recent newsletter which encouraged Police Pensioners to contact their administrator to enquire about eligibility.  Whilst we would not encourage this for the time being, we would recommend you familiarise yourself with the criteria appropriate to you, and that you ensure you and your family are aware of the ways to contact XPS should you need to.