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    n the FPS 2015, the contribution rate for a firefighter is determined with reference to the annual pensionable pay of the firefighter or the whole time equivalent annual pensionable pay of a part time firefighter.

    The different rates that are applicable to the whole time rate of pay are shown below:

    1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020

    A table setting out the employee contribution rates is set out below:
    Pensionable Pay range for an employment
    Contribution rate
    Up to £27,818
    £27,819 to £51,515
    £51,516 to £142,500
    £142,501 or more

    It is worth noting that pension contributions are payable before tax and national insurance is taken from your pay. This means the true cost of the scheme is several percent less than the gross amounts stated above. A member's employer typically pays substantially more than a member towards funding their pension every year.