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    A firefighter can opt-out of the FPS 1992 at any time. A firefighter will need to complete and return an option form available from XPS administration team. If they do opt-out of the FPS, their decision will take effect from their next pay day after receipt of their notice to opt-out out.

    Opting-out of the FPS will have a number of consequences, including:

    • As the firefighter would have built up more than 2 years of pensionable service in the FPS 1992, they will be entitled to a deferred pension, which would generally be payable from age 60;
    • If the firefighter dies in service when they had opted-out of FPS 1992, no lump sum death grant is payable;
    • As the firefighter is not an active member of FPS 1992 they will not be eligible for an ill-health pension if they are medically retired, although they will qualify for early payment of their deferred pension if they are assessed as permanently disabled for all regular employment;
    • Opting-out will affect the benefits which are payable to their survivors;
    • A firefighter cannot re-join the FPS 1992, only the FPS 2006 (if they re-join within 5 years of opting-out, and are older than 46) or the FPS 2015 (if they re-join within 5 years, but are younger than 46, or they re-join after 5 years of opting-out).

    A member is strongly recommended to seek independent financial advice before taking any action. Their Fire & Rescue Authority is not empowered to give any financial advice.

    Opportunities to re-join at a later date

    If a firefighter opts-outs out of the FPS 1992, they cannot re-join it. They can only join the FPS 2006 or the FPS 2015 (depending how long ago it was since they opted-out, and whether or not they qualify for protection).