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Commutation News Last Updated (21/2/2017)

The commutation exercise has been completed, but for a handful of payments which we are working on. In the main, these payments are due to the estate of Officers who have passed away.

If you believe that you are entitled to a payment under this review and have not received this yet, get in touch with us by calling 01642 727040 or send an e-mail to us using

Please could you have a read of the briefing note below to ensure you meet the criteria before getting in touch. If you are not sure, please let us know.

Update on GAD Factors - Police and Fire (March 2016)

Progress in respect of Milne V GAD continues to be excellent, with an overall paid out percentage of over 94%, and we have issued letters and proposed payment values / dates to over 97% of the eligible membership and are awaiting the return of their acceptance forms. This number continues to increase every day.

The CLG / Home Office target of paying the majority of these redress payments by April 2016 has been comfortably achieved, with staff now concentrating on the more complex issues.

It will likely be some time before every case is paid, as there are many queries generated by this type of exercise. Particular delays will be caused by some pension sharing and earmarking orders, and payments to an estate of a deceased former officer (where widow / widower benefits are not in payment generally).  Other cases may also need to be referred to the Government Actuaries Department, as they need to calculate the redress using additional factors.

If you have not yet heard from us in respect of the payment due to you, then we would invite you to get in touch. It is likely that we have your case under review and that it is being looked at. However, in some cases, we may benefit from speaking to you in order to balance any payment due.

If you could contact us either by e-mail using or by telephone, using 01642 727040 one of the team will let you know the position of your case.


Update on GAD Factors (Police) - Last updated: 21st September 2015

We are currently working with our client forces to identify all of our pensioners who meet the requirements for us to apply a revised commutation factor. Once we have identified all those eligible we will begin the process of calculating and notifying them. As far as our pensioners are concerned this will be a two stage project. Firstly we will notify you what your entitlement is and you will need to agree that you want this payment made. When we receive your confirmation we will then make the payment.

Because of the numbers of retired officers involved we are breaking the project into 4 phases:

Phase 1 Females who retired between December 2001 and November 2004. The commutation factors for these members have reduced so they are unlikely to be due any arrears of benefits. The first phase of this exercise will be merely to inform these members that they will not be receiving any payments. We should be able to do this reasonably quickly.
Phase 2 Males who retired between December 2001 and November 2004. We are aiming to pay them first in order to reduce the amount of interest that will have to be paid from the public purse.
Phase 3 Males and females who retired between December 2004 and November 2006.
Phase 4 Deceased pensioners. This will be the most difficult part of the process because we will have to identify who the recipient will be. In many cases members have died without any dependents and the estate will have been wound up for some time.


We aim to meet the Home Office's commitment that all those affected will be notified by December 2015 and all payments will be made by April 2016. We will work as quickly as we can to make the payments but please remember that we have over 7,000 pensioners who fall into the categories outlined above. We would be extremely grateful if you could be patient whilst we undertake this work.

If you are affected you will be notified, so please could you refrain from contacting us whilst we are working on this exercise. If we aren't answering questions about when people will be paid then we will be able to carry out the work much more quickly and make payments faster.

Of course, if you have queries about other pensions related matters that we will be happy to speak to you as usual.

Update on GAD Factors (POLICE)- Last Updated: 27th July 2015


Now that we have the factors and guidance required to enable re-calculations to be carried out for former Police Officers, the biggest questions for those affected are; how much will I get and when will it be paid? - we understand this.

The pensions unit is working with your former employer as we analyse the guidance, and prepare the necessary calculation processes to re-calculate monies due.

The Home Office has set out non-statutory timescales in an e-mail to all administrators stating the following:

"The Government recognises that some administrators will need to assess hundreds of cases and that this will take time, but expects that pensions administrators will make the majority of calculations by December 2015 and the majority of payments by April 2016"

We are confident that we are able to adhere to these timescales.

Please note, Interest will be added to any monies due up until the date of payment.

Update on GAD Factors (POLICE) - Last Updated: 24th July 2015

Following the determination of the Pensions Ombudsman in Milne v GAD, the Home Office has now issued guidance that includes factor tables to be used to re-calculate commutation payments. GAD is preparing a calculator which they expect to be made available to administrators in the next few weeks.

We are now carrying out a full analysis of the guidance and working with your former employer to identify those members affected, i.e.

  • men who retired between 1 December 2001 and 30 November 2006, and
  • women who retired between 1 December 2004 and 30 November 2006

There will not be any additional payments made to women who retired between December 2001 and November 2004 because the new factors are less generous than those previously applied.

As soon as our preliminary work has been carried out we will issue the timescales in which payments are expected to be made to those affected. We thank you for your continued cooperation and patience and ask again that you do not contact us in the meantime with individual enquiries about the revised commutation factors.

Update on GAD Factors (FIRE) - Last Updated: 23rd July 2015

Communities and Local Government (CLG) have issued a note confirming that GAD will be preparing revised factors and guidance following the Pensions Ombudsman determination iin Milne v GAD.

Once we have further information we will publish it on this page for you. The full, short note can be accessed via the link below:

Update on GAD Factors (POLICE) - Last Updated: 17th July 2015

The Home Office have provided an update on their website with regard to the Commutation Factors, stating that factors have been supplied to the Home Office by GAD and will be issued to Police Forces and Administrators in due course.

The Home Office have given no indication as to when they expect to be able to send this information on to Police Forces and Administrators.

To read the full bulletin please follow the link below and scroll to the foot of the page.

Update on GAD Factors - Last Updated: 15th July 2015

It has been two months since the Pensons Ombudsman determination and whilst an awful lot of work is being carried out we wanted to update you on where things are.

Please have a look at our 2nd briefing below. Please note, Kier is still not able to answer any calls or e-mails on this matter until the relevant government departments have provided further instruction.

Ombudsman Determination Published - Last Updated: May 2015

The Pensions Ombudsman has recently made a determination which could affect the lump sum taken by certain retired officers. We have prepared a note below on this matter and will contact any affected members directly. Please note, Kier is not able to answer any calls or e-mails on this matter until the relevant government departments have provided further instruction.