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Kier is one of the UK's largest providers of outsourced professional and support services to local authorities. We also support other public bodies, including the police and fire and rescue services through long-term strategic transformational partnerships.
Kier administers pensions for a range of public sectors and selected private sector schemes.
Predominantly focusing on the public sector schemes, Kier administers for over 210,000 scheme members right across the country. Including 24 different clients and over 200 individual employers.
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Latest News

Annual Benefit Statements – Active members (updated August 2017)

From August 2017, contributing members of the 1992, 2006 and 2015 Firefighters' Pension Schemes will receive their 2017 Annual Benefit Statement

We have adopted a similar style to that used in 2016, in that it will cater for those members who are (or will be) moved into the Firefighters' Pension Scheme 2015 (FPS 2015).

The main change this year concerns 1992 scheme members' who are, or will be, affected by FPS 2015 - having a second projection at age 55 as well the projection at age 60. Once again, the statements will contain generic notes with scheme-specific Annual Benefit Statement notes housed on the 'Scheme Guides and Forms; page of the member's appropriate scheme.

In the case of FPS 1992 and FPS 2006 members, the notes are housed as two documents: one set for fully protected members and a second set for those who have (or will at some point) move into FPS 2015.

Annual Benefit Statements – Deferred members

From 30 June 2017, former scheme members of each of the Firefighters’ Pension Schemes will receive their 2017 Annual Benefit Statement.  We have kept the design similar to last year, in that members receive generic notes accompanying their current pension values with scheme-specific notes explaining deferred benefits from the particular scheme appropriate to the former scheme member.

The notes can be found on the ‘Deferred Benefits’ page once the applicable scheme has been selected (from the tabs above).

Please select the scheme that you were a member of at the time you left pensionable service.  So, if you were an FPS 1992 or FPS 2006 member who transitioned into FPS 2015 (at any point from 1 April 2015), please refer to the ‘Deferred Benefits’ page within FPS 2015.

Commutation News Last Updated (21/2/2017)

The commutation exercise has been completed, but for a handful of payments which we are working on. In the main, these payments are due to the estate of Officers who have passed away.

If you believe that you are entitled to a payment under this review and have not received this yet, get in touch with us by calling 01642 727040 or send an e-mail to us using pencom@kier.co.uk.

Please could you have a read of the briefing note below to ensure you meet the criteria before getting in touch. If you are not sure, please let us know.

Update on Firefighters who joined FPS 1992 aged 18 – 20 with over 30 years’ service (12th December 2016)

If you are a serving firefighter identified with 30+ years’ membership (and are under age 50), your Fire & Rescue Authority should have already stopped your contributions (around October-time), following the effective legislation coming into force 30 September.   

As you may know, if you remain in service at age 50, your contributions will then resume.   Please note, any contributions that would entitle you to an ‘additional pension benefit’ will continue throughout the contribution holiday period.

Firefighters (and former firefighters) entitled to a refund will be contacted directly by their Authority.  Payment is expected to be made by 31 March 2017 (in most cases).  If you have any questions about any aspect of this exercise, please contact your Fire & Rescue Authority (or former Authority).

Firefighters who joined FPS 1992 aged 18 – 20 with over 30 years’ service

In December 2015, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) confirmed that the Secretary of State agreed to allow members younger than 50, who have accrued 30 years’ service, to take a contributions holiday from the time they attain 30 years’ reckonable service until they reach age 50.  Where an affected firefighter continues to serve after their 50th birthday, they will need to resume the payment of contributions.

DCLGs confirmed that the FPS 1992 scheme will be amended to give effect of these changes, and will apply retrospectively from 1 December 2006.

Nothing further has been publicised since December 2015, but affected firefighters will be contacted once agreement on the process has been reached.

Scheme Regulations and Guides Published

The Firefighters' Pension Scheme (England) Regulations 2014 were laid before parliament in October 2014, and came into effect 1/4/2015.

If you would like to see the regulations, these can be found at the site below:

The Firefighters' Pension Scheme (England) Regulations 2014

The Guide can be found within 'Scheme Guides & Forms' section of our 2015 Scheme area.


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The schemes are administered by Kier from our offices in the North East of England.

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Thinking of transferring out of the Firefighters' Pension Scheme?

Read on and consider very carefully . . . .

Kier has been dealing with transfers in and out of the Firefighters' Pension Schemes for many years.

It has become very apparent where transfers are concerned, that some companies are taking advantage of individuals, particularly those who are keen to access their accrued pension benefits sooner than their scheme allows. This is known as ‘Pensions Liberation’, another term for it could be con-artists.

The Pensions Regulator and Kier are extremely keen to avoid members being duped into making decisions about transferring their benefits which can ultimately cost tens of thousands of pounds and cause huge financial problems for scheme members, many having spent the majority of their lives building up these benefits.

All of the firefighters' pension schemes are extremely comprehensive, insofar as they provide lifelong benefits for you and for your family. They pay pensions that are index-linked, ensuring they maintain their purchasing power over the years and are absolutely guaranteed to continue to be paid regardless of the performance of the marketplace, the solvency of your former employer or any other inherent risks associated with the payment of pensions.

By transferring to another company, you do not have this peace of mind.

It has been known for people to transfer benefits to pension companies who on the face of it, seem completely legitimate. There will generally be a promise of quick early release of cash with the rest to follow (there are various ways that this cash is promised to you). What generally isn't made clear by these companies is the following:

  • These companies will take a cut (often a very large cut) of your transfer value for their efforts
  • If HMRC find that you have been paid this cash early, they will tax any income (including lump sums), up to 55%
  • You will not have any form of income guarantee (no definitive period over which a pension will be paid)
  • You will have no statutory indexation (generally, your pension will not increase)
  • Your family will almost certainly not receive benefits if you die
  • You will lose your employer's contribution towards your pension

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We would always advise scheme members to take independent financial advice prior to transferring out to a pension scheme.

We do appreciate that there can be a need for instant access to cash. Please consider the many alternatives available to you and avoid the problems that pensions liberation can cause.

Please read through the documents below, these have been prepared by the Pensions Regulator to advise of the pitfalls of transferring to these companies. Here you will see some real life examples of the working of these unscrupulous companies, and may make you think twice about transferring your guaranteed retirement income to a potential scammer.